Kenmore KAPA3D0AMW Air Purifier with HEPA Filtration White, Medium


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Brand: Kenmore

Color: White


  • Air Quality Display – Real-time air quality indicators make it easy to see the intuitive system and sensors are working, constantly improving room air quality
  • Wide Coverage – With a vast 465 Sq. Ft. range of coverage, breathe easy knowing your Air Purifier handles even your larger rooms (up to 5 changes per hour)
  • Turbo Mode – When your ambient air quality is lower than normal AQ standards, turbo mode kicks into high gear to clean the air quickly and effectively
  • Easy Carry Handle – Wherever your air purification needs are, the easy carry handle makes relocation convenient
  • HEPA Protection – The true HEPA filter does the hard work of catching even the smallest of air pollutants so you can have higher quality, cleaner air
  • 3-Step Filtration – With 3 layers of filtration, 99.97% of 0.3 micron-sized air particles are reduced
  • Sleep Mode – Keeps noise to less than whisper quiet at 24dB level and turns off the LED indicators so you can rest in relative silence
  • CADR Rate – With a CADR number of 300, this filter works faster and more efficiently to delivery clean, quality air. (Specific CDR for smoke 316 / dust 326 / Pollen 377)
  • Intuitive Sensor System – Built-in (dust, gas, & odor) sensors monitor air quality in real-time and fan speed is adjusted accordingly (adjust copy for type of sensors in model)
  • Filter Replacement Indicator – A handy blue LED indicator automatically alerts you when the HEPA filter needs to be replaced

UPC: 084157201312


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