Essential Hot Tubs Adelaide 30-Jet Review

The Essential Hot Tubs 30-Jet Adelaide Hot Tub is the perfect hot tub for any home and is ideal for entertaining guests at house parties or just lounging in when you want to relax after a stress induced day.

What could be better than passive therapy in your own personal hot tub. With the press of a button, activate the stimulating jets and let the invigorating water flow massage your aches and pains. Jump into the captain’s chair for a complete and relaxing body massage with perfectly positioned water jets.

The Adelaide Hot Tub is a new favorite from Essential Hot Tubs. With an acrylic shell and 30 high-quality stainless-steel jets with capacity for 5-6 people, it has a host of settings that make it a great option for a wide range of customers. Best of all, it is made in USA.

But while this is a standout Hot Tub that is well designed for its intended purpose, it isn’t perfect and there is plenty of relevant competition. How to decide if it is the the right model for you? We will take a closer look at this spa in our detailed review of the Essential Hot Tubs 30-Jet Adelaide Hot Tub.

Featuring 30 stainless steel jets, seating for up to 6 people, Plug and Play setup, durable acrylic construction. Balboa stainless steel heater, and fully insulated for thermal efficiency.

The Essential Hot Tub Adelaide-30 has some exemplary features that make it the ideal choice for both mid-range price and size. It is not too big, yet it is not too small; it is not the most expensive hot tub but it is not the cheapest option. It hits a very optimal price point matching quality features without going overboard on bells and whistles.

the Adelaide is becoming increasingly popular for it’s sensible features and affordable price

The Adelaide is becoming increasingly popular for its ability to provide a practical balance that would appeal to most homeowners. With “Plug and Play” setup, it does not require an electrician and comes with the GFCI cable to simply plug into your existing 120V outlet.

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Essential Hot Tubs Adelaide 30-Jet Hot Tub Review

Whether it is relaxation, pleasure, or hydrotherapy that you are after, a hot tub excels where a simple bathtub or swimming pool does not. Equipped with water jets for massaging sore muscles, a home spa is designed for achieving a hydrotherapy environment for multiple people that can replace or supplement other forms of relaxation therapy.

Adelaide from Essential Hot Tubs 5-6 Person Hot Tub

Outdoor use is a typical setup for a home hot tub; this allows for fresh air and engagement with the natural environment. Submerging in the hot tub warmth while being exposed to cold outside air can make the hot tub experience that much more enjoyable.

The Adelaide will accommodate up to 6 people but is going to be more practical and comfortable at 4 people. It is perfect for a family of four or for two couples. At 300 gallons of water it is 75% of the volume of some of the largest hot tubs available. This makes everything slightly more compact with a more modest footprint that will increase possibilities if space is an issue.

Practical and Sensible Hot Tub

Essential hot tubs is the manufacturer of a wide range of hot tub models. The Adelaide fits in the middle of the range for an acrylic shell tub. It is slightly dwarfed in size by larger counterpoints such as the Calypso-100 but it manages to hold down the same level of quality and function of the more expensive models.

Plug and Play with the option to convert to 240V for maximum heater performance on the coldest days

In the following section, we’ll examine both the technical specifications and features of the Essential Hot Tubs Adelaide in further detail.

Key Features and Technical Specifications

  • Acrylic Shell Sterling Silver Marble and molded Resin Cabinet (Grey or Espresso)
  • 30 hydro jets powered by 2 HP pump
  • Plug and Play
  • Mid Size and Built to Last
  • Includes well made insulated cover
  • Temperature Range 80 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit



The Adelaide Hot Tub is a 5-6 seater. Practically speaking it will fit 4-5 people comfortably but can squeeze in a 6th person if necessary. Now let’s look at how the seating is molded into the Adelaide acrylic shell. An aerial view of the hot illustrates the seating and jet layout. Seating consists of one lounger chair and two captains chairs.

The lounger chair is where you want to be for maximum relaxation. Imagine a total of 11 jets including 5 jets for your back, 4 jets for your legs, and 2 jets for your feet all massaging simultaneously as you are comfortably positioned in the lounger.

Top View of the Adelaide Hot Tub Showing Seating and Jet Layout Position

The reality will not disappoint as it is as wonderful as it sounds. If you need to get just the right spot with one or two of the jets, they are fully adjustable to allow you to find the best direction for your muscles. Not enough pressure or too much pressure? Easily adjust the jet flow pressure by turning the flow control clockwise or counter clockwise.

If you prefer the captains chair or are unlucky in not getting to the lounger fast enough, you will still get an excellent back massage from 6 stainless steel jets that can again be positioned just right. The second captains chair has only 4 back jets so try to be at least the second person in the tub.

The lounger chair is where you want to be for maximum relaxation. Imagine a total of 11 jets including 5 jets for your back, 4 jets for your legs, and 2 jets for your feet all massaging simultaneously

The three best seats have been spoken for? You still have jet massage opportunities in the remaining 2-3 seats. Fully customizable like the others, you will not be lacking for an invigorating massage. The ergonomics of the Adelaide is well thought out and properly molded for up to 6 people (but less if one person wants to layout in the lounger.)

Essential-Hot-Tubs-30-Jets-Adelaide-Hot-Tub Relaxing in Lounge Chair


The espresso colored cabinet is sturdy and durable. It encloses the inner workings of the hot tub nicely. The inner workings carefully hidden by the exterior are a feature in themselves. The Balboa heater is made of stainless steel and is an industry standard for quality hot tub heaters. Proper insulation as well as the electrical necessities are neatly enclosed and sealed off from the elements by the exterior cabinet.

Another important design aspect of the cabinet is that it must allow access to the key internal parts of the hot tub. A panel must be removed and then reinstalled. This is perhaps a minor hiccup as it is not as easy as it could be. Most relatively handy individuals will probably not have an issue to figure this out but when in doubt the customer service is there to help out.

Removing the access panel will allow you to find the drain valve. This is where you will want to engage from time to time to empty the hot tub and refill with fresh water. If you can’t find the drain valve, remember it is carefully hidden and must have the panel removed to access it.


What would a hot tub be without jets? Obviously not a hot tub. The Essential Hot Tubs Adelaide has 30 stainless steel jets that are fully customizable. Would more jets be better? Perhaps. Are 30 jets sufficient? Definitely! The jet layout is well thought out and it is doubtful that anyone sitting in the Adelaide hot tub will be longing for additional jets.

Essential-Hot-Tubs-30-Jets-Adelaide-Hot-Tub Jet Layout Details

The stimulation and massage is what you came for and you have full control. Re-direct the jets however you like and control the pressure for your particular needs. Everyone can benefit from an invigorating massage now and again, leaving us energized and rejuvenated. Think of your hot tub sessions as passive therapy that will lead to an overall healthy balance of mind and body.

Remember from the seating section that the lounger chair is the best seat in the hot tub. Here you will have 11 jets in total for your feet, legs, and back. This whole body massage will be a part of your day that you will absolutely look forward to.  

LED Lighting

Blue LED lighting can really improve the ambience, especially at night. The Adelaide has a number of LED features including the two waterspouts and the flow control dials. The inside of the hot tub is illuminated from a lower spotlight that creates a stunning effervescent blue atmosphere at night.

The LED lights can be set to a range of colors. Use solid colors such as red, yellow, purple, dark blue, or light blue or select a fade option that transitions throughout the color range. The lights can also be set to flash and will provide sufficient brightness at night.

Although many hot tubs are fully decked out with myriad of LED lighting features, the Adelaide has toned it down to a few key components like the accent light around the control valves and the waterfalls. This is keeping with the mid-range and more subtle style of the overall Adelaide spa experience.


A proper hot tub would not be complete if it didn’t come with a built-in ice bucket, right? Well, one needs to have cold drinks available while bathing during the hotter months. Here the Adelaide has you covered and then some.

Essential-Hot-Tubs-30-Jets-Adelaide-Hot-Tub Water Colums Detail

A convenient tray and ice bucket will accommodate a few beverages and provide a safe surface for wine glasses without having to worry about spillage. The ice bucket also has a built in drain and allows melted water to disperse rather than accumulate.

Although the underwater jets provide plenty of water circulation, the exterior waterspouts create the soothing sounds of falling and splashing water that lifts the overall relaxation and feel of the Adelaide experience. The two water columns are illuminated from within with a glowing blue LED that creates an awing effect in the cooler night air.

Technical Specifications


The Adelaide Hot Tub is a mid-size spa with a modest footprint. With overall dimensions of 74″x74″x34″, the space required is much less then other overly large hot tubs on the market. While it is still considered a 5-6 person hot tub, it will work nicely for those with space constraints and a preference for a more conspicuous style.

Essential-Hot-Tubs-30-Jets-Adelaide-Hot-Tub Feature

The water volume capacity of the Essential Hot Tubs Adelaide is 300 gallons. This places it squarely in the middle of other popular models like the Newport at 200 gallons and the Polara at 400 gallons.

Measurements: 74” length x 74” width x 34” height

Since water is both expensive and time consuming to heat, having a hot tub with 25% less water volume than the Polara is an enormous advantage when it comes to paying the energy bill. The time required to heat the water to the desired temperature will be dramatically decreased, meaning you can spend more time enjoying your hot tub and less time waiting for it to heat up.

Ozone Generator

An ozone generator is a seemingly magical feature included in many modern hot-tubs, that works by injecting ozone gasses into the water. This then has the incredible effect of cleaning impurities out of the water, which in turn helps to keep you healthier and fresher AND helps to keep the hot tub cleaner too! This not only means that the hot tub can run longer without becoming clogged and damaged, but it also means that you don’t need to clean it so regularly.

An ozone generator is normally a great addition to a hot tub and works well with larger models. The Adelaide does include an ozone generator. Although it is not a substitute for proper chemical water treatment, it does help to keep the water clean and free of impurities. As a consumable item, it is something that can be replaced at periodic intervals to enhance water quality. The Ozone Generator is activated only during the filter cycle.


There is a single 2 HP pump to power the jets and to satisfy water circulation. With 30 jets and the water columns, the pump spec is sufficient for the task.

Essential-Hot-Tubs-30-Jets-Adelaide-Hot-Tub Lounge Chair Details

Essential Hot Tubs are well designed and equipped appropriately such that they will not underperform or underwhelm. Whether you prefer a tranquil water environment with low pressure flow or a full on high pressure massage, the Adelaide 2 HP pump will meet and exceed expectations.


Arguably, the heater is the most important component of the hot tub. Afterall, what would a hot tub experience be without hot water? And furthermore, nothing could be worse than an ineffective heater unable to keep the water at a comfortable temperature.

Like other hot tubs from Essential Hot Tubs, the heater is from Balboa and is a proven industry leader in hot water heaters, especially for hot tubs. Balboa heaters are stainless steel and will not corrode over time. They have the longevity to last and function for the duration of the life of your hot tub.

What we find with the Adelaide is both a 1KW and 4kW option. Since it is possible to use either a 120V or a 240V option, the heater is adaptable to both cases. If you find the plug and play option is not effective at heating the water for your climate (perhaps you live in a very cold location) then it can easily to rewired for a 240V outlet. This will require an electrician to properly install the hook-up but you will see incredible improvement in your hot tub function with this ‘hidden’ upgrade.

Of course, the 120V option is perfectly acceptable for most situations and will help you get setup right out of the box so to speak without the unnecessary hassle of hiring an electrician. In this instance, the heater will only run when the jet flow is set to low speed. Hence, you can expect to see the water temperature drop slightly if you are spending a lot of time in the hot tub at full jet power. You will always have the option in the future to convert to the 240V, 4KW heater function for an extra boost, faster heating rate, and consistent water temperature even at full jet power.

For most environments, the 1KW option will have enough power to heat the water and maintain a constant temperature. In a typical setting, the 120 volt setup will heat the hot tub at approximately 2 degrees Fahrenheit per hour. Upgrading your service to 240 volts will heat the water at a much faster rate of 5 degrees Fahrenheit per hour and help to combat ambient temperature fluctuations.

The maximum temperature that can be achieved with the Balboa stainless steel heater is 104F.

The heater has enough power to ensure the water in the hot tub remains at a consistent temperature, even with external temperature fluctuations.

Control Panel

The Adelaide uses a Balboa controller combined with a 1KW/4KW heater and M7 Technology. For improved heating performance it is convertible from 120 volts to 240 volts. The digital interface allows for full control of temperature, lighting, and jet adjustments with the push of a button.

Setting the temperature control to Standard will maintain the water at a constant temperature. Other settings include Economy and Sleep. The Economy setting will activate the heater only during filter cycles. The Sleep setting will maintain the minimum required water temperature to prevent issues with freezing.

The controller has a built in Safety Mode that prevents the water temperature from dropping to a problematic temperature.

Easily control the lighting, temperature, and jets with the digital interface

Electrical Requirements

This hot tub requires a minimum 15A outdoor outlet for the “plug and play” option. Simply with the included 110 volt GFCI power cord, plug it into your nearest outlet. The cord length will reach about 8-10 feet so plan to have your hot tub within that distance. Installation couldn’t be easier Installation couldn’t be easier and much less planning is required to use the 120 volt setup since nearly every home will already have plenty of 15 amp breakers as a minimum. Nothing extra needs to be done here.

In order to run the pump and heater at full capacity simultaneously, it will be necessary to install a 40 amp breaker with a 240 volt outlet and have the unit hardwired by a certified electrician. This will provide several advantages including a faster water heat rate, and more versatility for colder climates.


The warranty on the Adelaide Hot Tub varies depending on precisely what goes wrong. For instance, the plumbing and equipment have a 2 year warranty for parts and 1 year warranty for labor. While the acrylic shell and exterior cabinet are covered for 5 years. That latter feature should be considered a good sign, considering that some people have needed to replace their cabinet/shell later in their hot tub’s life.

Customer Service

Customer service is neither bad nor exemplary. Essential Hot Tubs is a well known brand and will honor its commitments. However, as with all products and manufacturers, there are some reports of unanswered emails and QA issues.

Essential Hot Tubs are manufactured by Strong Spas in Pennsylvania, USA. See additional details at the end of this article for contact information. We feel that you can buy from this company in confidence.

Balanced Opinions Pros and Cons

The Adelaide Hot Tub is a hot tub that knows what it is: it is a product that handles all of the basics extremely well, while offering a few important “extras” on top of that. This is a mid-range and mid-price hot tub that is slightly more compact and efficient than similar larger models like the Calypso or Polara. It comes ready to go as a “plug and play” and works very well in this mode. This will be appealing to buyers that don’t want the hassle of installing a new breaker and outlet but the option to do so is there.

Essential-Hot-Tubs-30-Jets-Adelaide-Hot-Tub with Person

It is well designed and the 30 stainless steel jets are well positioned throughout the seating arrangement. Choose this hot tub if you want an exceptional massage or relaxation experience without going too big. It will have the added benefit of energy efficiency and reduced monthly electricity bills.

Also welcome is the included cover. This is a heavy duty, insulated tapered cover that has powerful locking clips to keep it locked in place. You’ll be able to close your spa quickly and re-open it just as easily. Have peace of mind knowing it is secure and your tub is being kept clean and dry.

That said, it is a shame to find that some extras such as an Ozone generator are missing. Given that, you may wish to shop around before coming to a final decision. Some people may prefer the slightly smaller roto molded hot tubs like the Newport over the acrylic shell for durability.


  • Mid Size with 30 soothing hydrotherapy jets.
  • Plug and Play with option to convert to 240V.
  • Acrylic Shell construction with Durable Resin Cabinet
  • Balboa Heater has ample power for the volume of water.


  • Fewer Jets and Water Volume then it’s bigger competitors.
  • Cannot use Salt Water conversion kit.
  • Not suitable for large groups, 5-6 people will be a tight fit.
  • Water drain is inside the cabinet and not as accessible as it could be.

Compare Similar Products

Essential Hot Tubs has a growing catalogue of various hot tubs to compare to. Some are bigger at 400+ gallons and up to 100 jets, while some are smaller at less than 200 gallons. The Adelaide, at 300 gallons and 30 jets, fits somewhere in the middle. It is a good compromise if you don’t want to go all out and splurge on the high-end range but still want an acceptable level of quality and features.

The Adelaide competes with a number of similar hot tubs, including the 2020 Polara, also from Essential Hot Tubs. The Polara is another 5-6 seater but offers more space thanks to its 400 gallon capacity. To heat the additional water volume, it has a heater that is twice as powerful. It also comes with 20 additional jets for a total of 50 stainless steel jets. All this makes the Polara a great option if you often have a lot of people in your tub, but of course the price and footprint reflect this. Smaller families may simply lack space for such a large spa and have no real use for it. The company also makes the even larger Omani tub, and the similar Atlas tub.

Of course, you can get many similar tubs from other manufacturers – including many a tub that is very affordable. Our recommendation is to stick with companies that specialize in these types of products for the best quality, best durability, and best customer care.

Polara Hot Tub Espresso

Featuring 50 stainless steel jets, seating for up to 6 people, a 4KW stainless steel Balboa heater, underwater LED lights, acrylic grey and espresso colors.

Featuring 100 stainless steel jets, seating for up to 7 people, a 4KW stainless steel Balboa heater, underwater LED lights, cabinet grey and espresso colors.

Newport Essential Hot Tubs

Plug and Play all season hot tub that seats 3-4 people. Featuring 14 Stainless Steel Jets and manufactured in the USA.

Essential Hot Tubs Arbor Grey

Plug and Play all season hot tub that seats 6 people. Featuring 20 Stainless Steel Jets and manufactured in the USA.

Target Audience

When considering a product, the question to ask is not “is it good” but rather “is it right for me?” So, is the Adelaide right for you?

In short, this is a hot tub that handles all the basics well. While you might benefit from more lights or perhaps slightly more space for 5-6 people, it has a great look and tons of comfort and indulgence for any family with 4-5 people. This will also let the adults entertain guests in the evening or use the tub as a feature for a garden party. It is a great all-rounder that is extremely well-made, without taking up too much space. This is a great first hot tub, without introducing major compromises that will harm the experience. And for those that haven’t had much experience with hot tubs, know that this is very much a relaxing and indulging way to rewind that is certainly worth the investment

This hot tub is ideal for someone who loves the idea of relaxing in hot water and getting a spa treatment, but who doesn’t have the need for an enormous sized hot tub. If you don’t like the idea of getting an electrician, and you just want something you can start relaxing in right away… then it’s a very strong contender indeed.

The build quality is excellent and you won’t be wanting for more jets!


Overall, the Adelaide gets a lot more right than it gets wrong. It may be slightly basic, and it’s not the largest 5-6 seater: but it looks and feels fantastic, works really well, and doesn’t let you down. This is one of those products you can rely on, and we feel very comfortable recommending the Adelaide to anyone interested in a hot tub!

Featuring 30 stainless steel jets, seating for up to 6 people, Plug and Play setup, durable acrylic construction. Balboa stainless steel heater, and fully insulated for thermal efficiency.

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  1. Essential Hot Tubs Owners Manual and Instructions
  2. Essential Hot Tubs Customer Service 1•800•787•6649
  3. Heating Calculator
  4. Adelaide Replacement Filter: Pleatco part number PRB50-IN
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