Newport Hot Tub 14 Jets

Essential Hot Tubs Newport 14-Jet Review

A great hot tub is a wonderful inclusion in any home. Hot tubs provide a truly relaxing experience that can help you to forget your problems, and wash away your aches and pains. They’re great for parties, or for relaxing on your own with a glass of wine/can of beer.

The Newport Hot Tub from Essential Hot Tubs is a product that promises to offer those options without breaking the bank. This is a striking hot tub that comes in one of three colors (Millstone, Grey Granite, or Cobblestone). While the specs and features might be relatively basic, this should be more than enough for a lot of buyers.

Let’s take a look and see whether this is the product you need to bring the relaxing spa-experience to your own home!

Featuring 14 stainless steel jets, seating for up to 4 people, Plug and Play setup, durable resin construction in three color options, Balboa stainless steel heater, and fully insulated for thermal efficiency.

The Essential Hot Tub Newport-14 has some outstanding features that make it a simple yet quality choice for budget conscience buyers. It is currently one of the best 3-4 person hot tubs with a molded resin body instead of an acrylic shell. For simplicity, the Newport is easy to setup and install with “Plug and Play” functionality. Installation costs are minimal since an electrician is likely not required. Overall the construction and design can’t be beat for a no frills budget hot tub that will endure the test of time.

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Essential Hot Tubs Newport 14-Jet Hot Tub Review

Think of a hot tub as either a large tub or a small pool. Somewhere in the middle lies the optimal size that is perfect for relaxation, hydrotherapy, and pleasure. Also known as spas, hot tubs generally have water jets that provide a soothing and enjoyable massage experience. 

Newport Hot Tub with Two People

Unlike a bathtub, hot tubs can accommodate more than one person at a time and are usually placed outside. Since water is not changed for each use, a hot tub uses various methods similar to a swimming pool to keep the water sanitary.

Essential Hot Tubs manufactures a variety of hot tub models, but the Newport model is one of the most compact and affordable models produced. This review will break down the details that will help you decide if the Newport is the best option for your home.

Practical and Sensible Hot Tub

The Newport suits couples that want to relax in an economical hot tub. This 4-seater model may be better suited for 3 people but it can definitely accomdate up to 4 if you don’t mind being close. The Newport is one of the best budget manufactured by Essential Hot Tubs.

The water volume is a modest 200 gallons making it a great option when space is limited and a smaller footprint is required. You won’t need as much floor space for your Newport hot tub as some other larger models.

Essential hot tubs has perfected the rotationally molded hot tub style that has become both widely popular in recent years. Using a high quality granite resin, the Newport is both durable and virtually maintenance free. It can be abused and will not suffer from surface wear and tear in the same way as more delicate acrylic shell hot tubs. If longevity is a key requirement than the rotationally molded resin hot tubs should be at the top of your list.

The Newport is remarkably energy-efficient with a 1.5KW pump, and maintenance is minimal with simple plug and play setup. A standard 15A outdoor outlet is all that is needed and the hot tub comes with the necessary 110V GFCI cord to make installation as easy as plugging in your toaster. 

Plug and Play with the option to convert to 240V for maximum heater performance on the coldest days

If you want a hot tub, and you’re working on a budget, Essential Hot Tubs have some of the most affordable models available. The Newport provides an excellent value proposition if you don’t require too many bells and whistles while also offering a great manufacturer’s warranty as well.

Essential Hot Tub Newport 14-Jet Review

In the following section, we’ll examine both the technical specifications and features of the Essential Hot Tubs Newport in further detail.

Key Features and Technical Specifications

  • Rotationally molded granite resin
  • 14 hydro jets powered by 1.5 KW pump
  • Plug and Play
  • Lightweight and portable at 320lbs



The Newport Hot Tub is a 3-4 seater. What that really means, is that it will seat 3 people comfortably, or 4 at a squeeze. That’s especially true as there are only three actual seats – meaning that someone is going to have to “scooch” if you want another person to join.

Some might find that this is a little small then if their main aim is to host lavish hot tub parties!

Newport Hot Tub Top View

That’s not what this product is about. But that side is plenty if you are relaxing on your own or with your partner, and it can be good fun with a few friends too. And of course, if you’re willing to take turns, then this can easily cater to a larger group.

“the seating here is comfortable and deep enough that even those with the tallest legs will remain fully submerged and warm.”

More importantly, the seating here is comfortable! And deep enough that even those with the tallest legs will remain fully submerged and warm.


The hot tub cabinet is the part of the product that will receive the most exposure to the elements. This makes it very important that it be durable. Of course, the cabinet is also what defines the look of the hot tub, and this is something to consider if you want to ensure that your hot tub isn’t an eyesore!

Fortunately, the three colors all look excellent here. They are distinct without looking out-of-place, and they will neatly fit into most garden decors.

The cabinet is also very durable thanks to the construction process: this is molded from a single granite resin. A heavy duty insulated tapered cover is also included, making it easy to close up the tub and keep it warm and secure when not in use.


The Newport Hot Tub comes with 14 stainless steel jets. Given the size of the hot tub, we think that this is a great number of jets and you certainly won’t find yourself needing to search around for an area with bubbles! Moreover, the jets provide a great level of stimulation. They provide a gentle-but-definitely-noticeable massage, and you can change the intensity between “passive therapy” or “invigorating massage.”

Other products do often provide a wider number of programs and intensity settings, but these two are enough for most use-cases.

What’s neat is the way that the seats and the jets are arranged. This allows the experience to be quite different depending on the number of users: you can sit in one of the three seats OR you can lie across the lounger. The latter provides a whole-body-massage that is amazing after a stressful day at work.

LED Lighting

Many hot tubs will feature LED lighting. This is particularly common around the jets and seats, and can light the water from underneath, creating a unique atmosphere and vibe.

Unfortunately, there is no such feature present here, meaning that you will be hot-tubbing in the dark! This doesn’t need to be a deal breaker for most people however, as you will be able to add lighting in other ways around the area.


The Newport Hot Tub offers no unique entertainment features: there is no mini-fridge, no sound system, no music.

Again, whether or not this is an issue for you will depend very much on what kind of customer you are, and what your intended use is for the hot tub. The key thing to remember is that all of these benefits can be achieved in other ways more cheaply: bring a phone and waterproof speaker for music, and keep your drinks cooled in the house!

If you’re looking for an all-singing-all-dancing light and sound show, then the Newport Hot Tub is not the option for you. However, if you’re looking for a model that does the basics very well, you’ll be satisfied here.

Technical Specifications


The Newport Hot Tub is a relatively small tub at 61”x70”x29.5”. This is to be expected for a 3-4 seater, however it does manage to offer a good amount of internal space given this relatively small footprint.

For many people, that is going to be a big advantage. While some will be looking for a huge hot tub to fill their huge garden, others will need something more modest. You can easily fit the Newport Hot Tub into the corner of a patio, or even under a gazebo, and it will still leave you with plenty of room left for other things!

The hot tub has a capacity of 200 gallons. This is ample for keeping you and three friends warm and wet, but it also means that the Newport Hot Tub is not a challenge to heat and to fill. This is another benefit of choosing a slightly smaller hot tub.

Measurements: 61” length x 70” width x 29.5” height

Ozone Generator

An ozone generator is a seemingly magical feature included in many modern hot-tubs, that works by injecting ozone gasses into the water. This then has the incredible effect of cleaning impurities out of the water, which in turn helps to keep you healthier and fresher AND helps to keep the hot tub cleaner too! This not only means that the hot tub can run longer without becoming clogged and damaged, but it also means that you don’t need to clean it so regularly.

Unfortunately, the Newport Hot Tub does not have an Ozone generator. While some of the other features missing might not be to everyone’s tastes anyway, the Ozone generator is always a welcome addition, so it’s a shame to see it missing. Still, this is reflected in the price.


This hot tub uses a single 1.5HP pump. This is again not especially powerful but it is ample to the task it is given. We think that you will be happy with the level of pressure and the water flow!

VS Series Control System


The heater is likewise more than up to the task of keeping the water warm. This is a Balboa stainless steel heater, which is well-built and highly durable, ensuring that you can enjoy many years of hot tubs before you need to pay for a replacement!

There is also the option to convert to a 240V electrical unit. This makes the process a little more complex (see below) but it will mean you can get even more power out of the heater on the coldest days. It’s certainly a welcome option – and of course it’s up to you whether or not you wish to use it!

The heater is rated for all four seasons, meaning that it is plenty warm, no matter the time of year. We think there is something magical about keeping in the warm water while it is cold outside!

The heater has enough power to ensure the water in the hot tub remains at a consistent temperature, even with external temperature fluctuations.

Control Panel

As the Newport Hot Tub is an extremely simple hot tub, there is no need for a control panel. No multimedia and only two settings means that everything can be accessed from a couple of buttons. On the plus side, that does mean there is less to go wrong.

Electrical Requirements

This hot tub requires a 15A outdoor outlet and nothing else. The other great feature about this hot tub is that it is “plug and play.” That means that there is no need for an electrician, a degree in electrical engineering, or an entire day spent swearing at a large book of instructions. You simply take the included 110V GFCI power cord and plug it into the outlet. You then fill the water and you’re ready to go!

We think that this is a particularly big advantage for the Newport Hot Tub. For many people, the thought of needing to hire a professional to install their new hot tub is enough to put them off of getting one in the first place. The Newport Hot Tub is so easy to install, that you don’t need to give it all that much thought: it becomes impulse purchase territory! That also makes it much easier to bring with you, should you ever move home.

Of course, the exception is if you wish to switch to the 240V.


The warranty on the Newport Hot Tub varies depending on precisely what goes wrong. For instance, the plumbing and equipment have a 1 year warranty, while that hard granite-resin cabinet is covered for the life of the product. That latter feature should be considered a good sign, considering that many people have to swap their cabinet/shell later in their hot tub’s life.

Customer Service

Customer service is neither bad nor exemplary. Essential Hot Tubs is a well known brand and will honor its commitments. However, as with all products and manufacturers, there are some reports of unanswered emails and QA issues.

We feel that you can buy from this company in confidence.

Balanced Opinions Pros and Cons

The Newport Hot Tub is a hot tub that knows what it is: it’s a product that handles all of the basics extremely well, while offering relatively little “extra” on top of that. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as many people will find that they prefer to get something smaller and more basic for a smaller space.

That said, it is a shame to find that some luxury extras such as an Ozone generator, entertainment, or even lighting are missing. Given that, you may wish to shop around before coming to a final decision.


  • Compact and Portable with 14 soothing hydrotherapy jets.
  • Plug and Play with option to convert to 240V.
  • Molded resin construction can’t be beat for durability
  • Balboa Heater has ample power for the volume of water.


  • Lacking many luxury features included with other hot tubs.
  • Ozonator not an option making water treatment slightly more hands-on.
  • Not suitable for large groups, optimal for two people.

Compare Similar Products

Compared to products in a similar category, the Newport Hot Tub is a well-made and very reliable hot tub. The design is attractive, and the experience is luxurious.

That said, if you are in the market for a smaller hot tub with no additional features, then you may consider an inflatable option instead. While these don’t have quite as comfortable seating, and while they might not be as durable, they are considerably more cost effective and are very simple to install and transport.

In that case, the Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Inflatable Portable Heated Bubble Hot Tub will offer many similar benefits, as will the Bestway Hot Tub Miami. That said, these options have a far less permanent feel, and the jets are less powerful – so there are pros and cons to each.

Polara Hot Tub Espresso

Featuring 50 stainless steel jets, seating for up to 6 people, a 4KW stainless steel Balboa heater, underwater LED lights, acrylic grey and espresso colors.

Featuring 100 stainless steel jets, seating for up to 7 people, a 4KW stainless steel Balboa heater, underwater LED lights, cabinet grey and espresso colors.

Newport Essential Hot Tubs

Plug and Play all season hot tub that seats 3-4 people. Featuring 14 Stainless Steel Jets and manufactured in the USA.

Essential Hot Tubs Arbor Grey

Plug and Play all season hot tub that seats 6 people. Featuring 20 Stainless Steel Jets and manufactured in the USA.

Target Audience

This hot tub is ideal for someone who loves the idea of relaxing in hot water and getting a spa treatment, but who doesn’t have a huge budget or a huge garden. If you don’t like the idea of getting an electrician, and you just want something you can start relaxing in right away… then it’s a very strong contender indeed.

The build quality is great too – just don’t expect a lot of extra features!


While the Newport Hot Tub might be basic, it does handle the fundamentals extremely well. This is a great hot tub for relaxing on your own, with a partner, or with a few friends. The small footprint, low price, and easy installation, also make it a great choice for many people who just want something simple.

Either way, the Newport Hot Tub represents a solid purchase if you just want somewhere to keep your feet up and relax while you enjoy a gentle massage and a drink. It’s great for the soul, and you might find more friends start booking visits too!

Featuring 14 stainless steel jets, seating for up to 4 people, Plug and Play setup, durable resin construction in three color options, Balboa stainless steel heater, and fully insulated for thermal efficiency.

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