ROMPICO Hydroponics Growing System Home Herb Garden Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights 12 Plant Pods Height Adjustable (Black)


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  • Full Season Home Garden – Grow fresh vegetables or wonderful flowers in any time of a year. Cold, heat, dry or heavy-rain, bad weather won’t bother you any more. Soilless cultivation keeps your home as clean as new, enjoy a completely different experience from soil cultivation.
  • Enjoy the Abundant Harvests – With 12 plant pods, you can grow 12 plants at a time, and it can grow higher as up to 19 inches tall. We provide 2 sets of growth sponges, 12 plant pod caps, 12 plant pods, 12 plant support poles. 2 high-quality plant food which we provide also help plants grow fast and healthy. The height-adjustable full spectrum LED plant growth light contains blue and red light and IR light.
  • Easy Operating – Preset vegetable and flower growth modes, make your plant germination maintenance totally stress-free. The water pump automatically circulates to maintain the oxygen content of the water body to prevent the roots of plants from rot. The separate touch pump button also allows you to manually turn off the pump when you don’t need it. Visualized water level indicator, and it is apprehended at a glance when to add water.
  • High performance with low energy consumption – Smart chip control, this high-power full spectrum LED will automatically enter a sleep mode for 8 hours after being turned on for 16 hours. works smart with a working mode of 16 hours on and then enter sleep mode of 8 hours off . Automatic operation cycle of the pump is set to turn on for 30 minutes and then turn off for 30 minutes. The power rating of this entire highly efficient plan growth system is only 36 watts.
  • It fits any place – In kitchen, in living room, in bedroom, in home office, this growing system could be placed anywhere with a power socket. No soil is needed, plants grow in water, the surroundings are clean. This growth system runs so quiet you will not even notice it when you are reading at ease or when you are about to go to sleep.


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