PAPCOOL Oxalis Adenophylla/Silver Shamrock Shamrock/Wood Sorrel Bụlb – 20 Bụlbs



Color: Oxalis Adenophylla: 20 Bulbs


  • Oxalis ADENOPHYLLA/Silver Shamrock Shamrock/Wood Sorrel (Bulb/Not Plant) – . Adenophylla mixes easily into pots and flower beds providing green tones and accents of pink when flowers are in bloom. * These will go through a period of dormancy which will vary depending upon the area where you live. This typically happens in the warmer months.
  • When these go dormant, just continue to water once a week or so that the bulbs do not dry out and they should sprout again when the time is right. Easy to Grow Features. Zone: 4 – 9 (Can Be Grown Indoors In Other Zones). Height: 3 – 4” Spread: 3” Sunlight: Full Sun to Partial Sun Water: Moderate to Low. Bloom Season: Flowers in 8 – 12 weeks from planting.
  • Instructions for planting: Plant the bulbs 1 inch deep and 1 inch apart in well draining soil. They can be planted closer together if necessary. Water every other day until established, and then, water as is normal for your areas. Outdoors they like a full sun to part sun, and indoors they like a bright sunny window..


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