(Package Of 3) Everpure 2CB-GW Replacement Water Filter Cartridge EV9618-31


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Brand: Everpure


  • Carbon Block Filter. Thousands of tiny pores in the carbon filter make this filter highly absorbent and efficient in removing contaminants and impurities such as chlorine and VOCs, leaving finely polished water for high quality beverage and food applications.
  • KDF Filter Media. Specially formulated KDF filter media effectively inhibits microbial and limescale build-up in the machine and water supply lines.
  • Reduces Chlorine Taste and Odor. The taste of chlorine in water can be traced back to water treatment plants. The EV9618-36 filter reduces the smell and taste of chlorine and other offensive contaminants that can adversely affect the taste of water and beverages.
  • Quick and Convenient Twist-Off Filter Changes. The EV9618-36 filter features a twist-off filter head eliminating the hassle of changing your filter.
  • Fine 0.5 Micron Filter Rating. The 0.5 micron nominal rating filter ensures that extra fine dirt and particles will be removed from your drinking water to provide the cleanest water possible.

UPC: 700999871505


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