M9 Next Gen. Countertop Water Ionizer


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Brand: Life Ionizer

Color: Black and Silver


  • LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE- Drinking ionized alkaline water can help with an array of health issues such as fighting acid reflux, lowering cholesterol, and aiding in weight loss. Alkaline water also supports your immune system & healthy probiotics, and helps you maintain healthy bones. Ionized water improves day to day energy, stamina, mental focus, clarity and endurance. Your MXL-9 will also help you live contaminant free with BPA and BPS free tubing.
  • NEW AND IMPROVED TECHNOLOGY- The advanced mechanics of our new Life Ionizer warrant more efficient ionization. The new XL Matrix GRID Plates allow for a higher level of electrons to be transferred into the water. More electrons = more age fighting antioxidant = more molecular hydrogen. The 9 XL Matrix GRID Plates are dipped 8 times in medical grade platinum to guarantee strength and purity for every machine. The MXL-9 also has the ability to reach up to -800 ORP and 2.0- 11.5 pH range.
  • SLEEK STYLISH DESIGN- The black and granite countertop design is fighting to match any kitchen design it is introduced to. Having the device on the top of a counter also allows for ease of access for daily use.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Self installation is made easy with Life Ionizers. Easy to follow instructions allow for quick installation. Life Ionizer has videos that can be referenced for installation as well as technicians standing by to help as needed.
  • LIFETIME HASSLE-FREE WARRANTY: Feel completely confident in your purchase. Life Ionizer MXL- 9 comes with a complete- worry free warranty that includes labor and parts.

UPC: 608938209405


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