WXYQY Grow Tent,Mylar Hydroponic Plant Growing Tent with 40’x 40’x 80′


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Brand: WXYQY


  • Our sliding wardrobe are shipped from the UK and will arrive in about 3-10 days!
  • Good ventilation -With the large zippered door and a Velcro side window,you can keep an eye on your grows at all hours and regulate external airflow to keep the plants warm and provide better air circulation for the seed germination and flowering period in indoor gardening horticulture,and helps to extend plant growing seasons.
  • Removable Tray-grows tent uses a removable floor tray to hold soil and fallen leaves.Mylar floor tray is waterproof and easy to clean,makes it suitable for use with all growing systems(hydroponic,aeroponic,and soil-based cultivation).
  • Easy Observation for Your Plants-Special observation windows are made by double layers of cloth.Observe the growing conditions of your plants without opening the tent and avoid disturbing plants.The observation window also serves to dissipate heat and ventilate air.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION &EASY ASSEMBLY:Tent is supported by thickening heavy-duty metal poles,standing solidly.A high-quality finish makes metal poles ensure durability and easy installation.Plant growing tent comes with detailed installation instructions.No tools needed at all.


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