WANTYE Led Grow Lights High-Red Light Full Spectrum Daisy Chain Grow Light for Indoor Plants Greenhouse 5×5 ft (GF3600)


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  • Highest Attention to Efficiency:The GF3600 kit is sold as a set of 3 GF1200 fixtures at a more economical price.All-new high efficient SMD LEDs (912pcs) feature dual large size LED chips for higher PAR output and efficacy,combined with self-developed phosphor formula,we create our exclusive high proportion of red light full spectrum to encourage more flowers and fruits growth with higher quality.The GF3600 grow light outperforms 800W HPS light while only drawing 360 watts at the wall.
  • Advanced Passive Heat Management:Self-designed passive cooling system,each fixture consists of a thick aluminum plate for basic heat dissipation,2 pcs bar form heavy-duty aluminum heatsinks with 7 fins and 1.2″height for superior cooling,a honeycomb housing and innovative hanging driver design to increase the airflow.Eliminating fans and noise, durable and maintenance-free.Pulls a ton of heat away from the LEDs and aluminum housing driver to keep the grow light cool,leading to a longer lifespan.
  • Daisy-Chain & Mounting Connection:To utilize the performance and match various needs in grows,GF1200 grow light features a unique modular design for all growers.With the daisy-chain and mounting connection function,increase set-up possibilities and allows growers to connect three units of GF1200 for optimal uniformity,offering an extremely even PPFD across the canopy,ensuring maximum production and overall plant health.Veg footprint is 5.5*4.5 ft,flowering footprint is 5*4 ft.
  • Nano-Coating Technology:LED quantum board features the newest Nano-Coating technology for the protection against water,dry particles,oil and dirt,IP65 rating.Incorporates an extremely thin,invisible to the naked eye layer of microscopic particles,the light transmittance can theoretically reach at 99%.While other grow lights are still using dated silicone glue-coating with a thickness of 1.5mm for waterproofing,resulting in light decay of up to 15%.
  • Guaranteed 5-STAR Experience:Each batch of WANTYE LED grow light is laboratory tested and calibrated to ensure the highest consistency and quality from batch to batch.UL1598, UL8800, RoHS, FCC and CE certified.3 years of after-service of local maintenance and 30 days money-back guarantee.Backed by professional guidance & premium customer service from US local maintenance center,now you can enjoy the masterpiece.If you have any questions or problems,please don’t hesitate to contact us.

UPC: 779880554537


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