V99GROW 3000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum with Timer Remote Control, Veg & Bloom, Daisy Chain, Group Control, Grow Light Lamp for Indoor Hydroponic Plant


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Color: 3000w


  • MULTI FUNCTIONAL: Revolutionary Remote Control Technology 5 in 1¡¿1£ºHumidity Monitor-Monitoring environment humidity in real time, refresh in every two seconds.2:Temperature Monitor-Monitoring environment temperature in real time, refresh in every two seconds 3£ºTiming Function-Timing mode: 12/12, 14/10, 16/8 and Custom timing.4£ºLamp Mode Switch-It has VEG mode, BLOOM mode and ALL ON mode.5£ºGroup Control. Which has up to 49ft of control distance keep your eyes far way from burning.
  • Energy-Saving technology: Save a lot of electricity¡¿: 3000W grow light with High efficiency300Pcs LEDs,The VEG channel for germinating seedlings and young plants consuming 300W of power.The BLOOM channel for plants in the flowering stage while consuming only 315W. VEG and BLOOM can be used together to encourage maximum growth performance from seedling to harvest. This light can replace a traditional 3000W HPS/MH lamp while consuming only 615W total,it will save a lot of electricity!
  • Daisy Chain & Group Control: Daisy chain compatible to make less cords,which can connect with another led grow lights to extent the coverage.Not more than 2 pcs lights can be connected and used together by power cords. The included power cable serves a double purpose and can be either plugged into a standard outlet or into the Daisy Chain outlet of another grow light.If more coverage and lights are needed, the group control function allow controlling 250 grow lights by one remote at a time.
  • FULL SPECTRUM: Full simulation of the sun’s rays light, provides the most suitable spectrum for plants at different stages of growth. VEG for seedling growth with blue and white LEDs; Bloom for flowering or blooming with red and white LEDs. If need more energy, please select ALL ON mode which offer full spectrum light. PPFD is 5780umol/m2s when hanging at 18, more conducive to the rapid growth of plants and increase yield & crop quality.
  • Professional Service: 3 years Professional Service and free return for 90 days. V99GROW Laboratory has more than five years of sales with after-sale service team professional in design, sales and production for the best products and service for the majority of customers. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time, and we will reply within 24 hours and give you a satisfactory result.

UPC: 689585570582


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