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  • Body Shaper Weight-❤Efficacy: 1. Thermal grease for warmth. Far-infrared heat is transmitted, and the resonance effect of human cells penetrates into the temperature to reach the burning fat. 2. Solve fat, accelerate metabolism in the body, melt excess fat, and break down into water and carbon dioxide. 3. Defatting, the final sweat and excretion will be excluded from the body to achieve a healthy shape.
  • Loss Far Infrared-❤Comfortable design: This new infrared blanket is like a sleeping bag with a long, wide lid design. The exterior is made of high-grade PU material. Inside it is waterproof PVC. You can lie on it to take care of your skin. Spa treatments: Lose weight, detoxify, improve blood circulation, improve cell nutrition and healthier skin.
  • Sauna BlanketProfessional Detox-❤Use far infrared heat transfer: the unique heat release of the sauna blanket and 9~14μm infrared radiation, heat reaction promotes blood circulation, releases low energy heat, activates metabolism, relaxes muscles, increases systemic blood circulation, removes excess toxins, and circulates lymph.
  • Therapy Anti Ageing-❤Quality Assurance: Safe, waterproof, soft material, flexible stretchability even in a variety of sleeping positions, suitable for use in beauty salons, spas, relaxation rooms and homes.
  • Beauty Machine Body-❤New features in the new product: When the equipment is abnormal, the temperature is not controlled, heated to 85 degrees, the device will automatically disconnect the line, stop heating, and send a one-minute alarm. / When the far infrared heating line breaks and the heat sensitivity is abnormal, the instrument will automatically disconnect the line, the screen will display to stop heating, and stop the alarm for one minute.


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