Personal Steam Sauna, Folding Home Spa Sauna Tent with Chair and Steam Pot for Home Weight Loss Body Slimming


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  • 【Four-Layer Insulation Waterproof Tent】 The outer layer uses polymer waterproof cloth, the middle uses silk catkins and special effect cloth for heat preservation, and the inner layer uses waterproof silver-coated cloth. Thickened design effectively prevents heat leakage. The bottom uses heat-sealing glue to prevent water leakage during use.
  • 【Multiple Protections】 When sauna, the air is humid, which is prone to safety accidents. The steam generator has a timing function, protection against dry burning, protection against leakage, and protection against explosion. Multiple safety protections make you feel more at ease when using it.
  • 【Aroma Box & Outside and Inside Zipper】 The steam pot is equipped with an aromatherapy box, you can put in the herbs you need, your favorite aromatherapy or essential oils, making the sauna more comfortable and relaxing. The two-way zipper design is more user-friendly, and it is convenient for one person to open the tent when sauna.
  • 【2L 304 Stainless Steel Liner】 The 2-liter large-capacity inner tank can hold more water and generate more steam, making sauna more enjoyable. Made of 304 stainless steel, no rust, no harmful substances, long service life, safer to use.
  • 【Stable & Foldable Tent】 The tent is supported by a stainless steel frame, which can ensure the stability of the support even in a humid and high temperature steam environment for a long time. The tent can be folded for more convenient storage and does not take up space.


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