Hypurkleen 3-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System


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Brand: Hypurkleen


  • OPTIMAL FILTRATION! Our special 3-stage filtration system is superior in the industry, removing a wide range of contaminants, while leaving the healthy minerals like magnesium, calcium and others intact!
  • CLEANER WATER: Hypurkleen removes the harmful contaminants directly from the tap water coming out of your faucet. Including heavy metals, chemicals, chlorine, chloramines, and so many others!
  • BETTER TASTING: Hypurkleen water tastes so good our customers can notice an immediate difference. This means clean, fresh tasting water for all of your drinking, cooking and cleaning needs. Cleaner water is better tasting water!
  • LONGER-LASTING: One Hypurkleen set lasts you on average 1 year*. Our filters are NSF Certified, and our system allows us to improve the replacement filter technology as time goes on. This gives you better filtration and increases the life of your unit at the same time!
  • TWIST-LOCK TECHNOLOGY: Replacing filters is a snap, no need to turn off your plumbing. Just twist the older filter out and the new filter in with one hand!


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