Healthcaretuye PH2.8-11 Alkaline Acidic Water Ionizer Machine Alkaline Water Purifier Filter LCD Touch Control 500~-800MV ORP


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Brand: Healthcaretuye

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  • 1,3.8-inch color LCD: large digital display,English voice prompt function, convenient for middle-aged and elderly people; b,Automatic detection display:Water flow, filter life, pH value, ORP value automatic detection display, real-time monitoring of water machine status, help users choose water correctly, easy to use;
  • 2,Adopt high-efficiency power supply system: suitable for power supply voltages around the world, low power consumption, high efficiency, constant current and constant voltage output, ensuring more stable water quality, more sufficient, more power saving, automatic green environmental protection during standby. (Power saving mode); b.CDC touch technology: beautiful and durable, super touch function, intuitive and easy to operate, just one click, elegant life adds wonderful and beautiful;
  • 3,Microcomputer automatically controls electrolysis: suitable for various water quality TDS=50~1000ppm; b. Built-in filter filter system: real-time display of filter cartridge usage status, improve water quality, use water is safer;
  • 4,Automatic electrode cleaning function to prevent scaling; b,. Japan imported stainless steel snake tube, never rust; can change the water outlet position at will, convenient for users.; c. Super electrolysis capacity, multiple configuration options: plate 4 trough PH3.5-10.5 / 7 plate 6 trough PH3.2-10.7(as per local water quality) / 11 plate 10 trough PH2.8-11;
  • 5,Japanese ion film, titanium white gold electrolytic plate, high efficiency electrolysis, long working life; b,Hydrogen-rich water for one section, alkaline water for the second stage, clean water for one section, and acidic water for a period of five gears. It not only satisfies the daily use of acid and alkaline water, but also has hydrogen-rich water (water-based water) that is beneficial to the human body; The unique constant temperature heating system has an outlet water temperature of

UPC: 787894867840


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