HALF OFF PONDS Savio Pond Free 4000 Waterfall Kit with 10′ x 25′ PVC Liner and 4,000 GPH Pump – PVCPMDS6


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  • This pond free kit contains professional components from leading manufacturers, and is engineered to create a beautiful, low-maintenance backyard garden oasis. We offer the best Pond Free Kit at the best price leveraging our 25 Years of experience designing kits for DYI projects. Save time and money by choosing our kits.
  • When designing a Pond Free water feature, do not forget to add MatrixBlox! Building with MatrixBlox create a waterfall basin for water chambers that hold 90% more water than filling basins with rock. MatrixBlox reduces the building area required and creates more stored water in a smaller space. MatrixBlox are very strong and can support large boulders to help create a natural look (MatrixBlox NOT Included in this listing).
  • Our Pond Free Waterfall Kits allow you to enjoy a water feature without the maintenance and expense of a pond. Pond Free applications do not require fences like ponds. We recommend using formulas and guidelines below to determine if your project plans are compatible with this kit.
  • The Savio Pond Free 4000 PVC Waterfall Kit includes: 10′ x 25′ of 20-Mil PVC PolyGuard Pond Liner and 250 sqft. of UnderGuard Underlayment (comes in one, or more pieces, equal to the square footage), Savio Waterfall Well – WW1000, Savio 16” Waterfall FilterWeir – F050, Aqua Pulse Series 4,000 GPH Submersible Pump – AP-4000, 1.5″ x 25′ Kink Free PVC Tubing, (1) Patriot Pond 1-Watt LED Bronze Puck Light, and all necessary plumbing fittings.
  • Pond Free Waterfall Kits include full manufacturer’s warranty on components so you can enjoy your waterfall and stream for years to come. Additionally, there is a 10-Year Warranty on PolyGuard Pond Liner when installed with UnderGuard!

UPC: 658848537495


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