Gigantic 128oz Steel Thermos, 1 gallon, Hot & Cold, Vacuum Instulated,by TOPIA LTD


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Color: Metallic Beige


  • This thermos is HUGE: one entire gallon of liquid, or 16 cups. This is enough fluids for your entire family or crew. You will be able to generously bring coffee/tea or cold drinks for 16 people.
  • You will enjoy the Spill-free spout that opens and closes quickly (you don’t have to open and unscrew the whole lid like in other products). This is the MISSING INGREDIENT in many of our competitors products, because the spout enhances temperature retention, meaning that your drinks will stay cold or hot for much longer, because opening the entire lid is how most insulation is lost.
  • But the real SECRET to heat and cold retention is the double walled steel construction, with a vacuum chamber that reduces temperature transfer for EXTREME insulation. This technology is so efficient that NASA has used it for rocket fuel storage and propellant tanks in the Saturn launch vehicles. This peculiar construction ensures that our thermos will not “sweat” and drip condensation with cold drinks during the summer, and will not be “hot to the touch” with hot drinks.
  • Save $1000 per year, year-after-year: The average worker spends $1000 per year on coffee. Why not save that money for yourself instead? This thermos will pay itself off in about 27 days, which is a mind-boggling return on investment. Think of all the vacations you could afford with that EXTRA CASH.
  • 1) Uses the safest materials: because stainless steel does not leach chemicals. 2) Promotes health and wellness by keeping you away from drinking harmful sugary drinks and soda. 3) You can share with a friend, because it comes with two serving cups that double as a lid. 4) You can even carry soups because of the wide mouth opening. 5) Trouble Free: The durable in construction, with double stainless steel body, and the oversize handles 6) Easy to Handle: Convenient, foldable handles.

UPC: 659682967042


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