G8LED C3 Enhanced Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


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Brand: G8LED


  • Next Generation G8LED Commercial Series – Samsung Diodes and Built-In Flower Booster – 5ft x 5ft Vegetative Growth | 5ft x 5ft Flowering Phase
  • The C3 grows healthier, more potent plants with a heavy crop yield. More trichomes, increased flavor, and aroma.
  • Magnify the flowering phase with a push of a button. The Flower Booster increases the red, far-red and hyper-red light intensity by 90% to increase yield and maximize your harvest.
  • External controller to connect up to 50 lights with sunrise to sunset function. Controller sold separately.
  • Powerful PPFD for robust growth. PAR 1700 mMol/s PPF even coverage over a 5ft x 5ft grow space. Efficacy 2.7 mMol/J


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