Bidook One Person Infrared Sauna Room


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Brand: Bidook


  • Made of imported hemlock from Canada, the mini infrared sauna room can adjust the temperature by built-in carbon crystal heating board and intelligent control panel.
  • This product has a variety of functions: clearing damp detoxification, improving microcirculation and sleep, losing weight, beautifying skin, activating cells and so on.
  • Create the era of family health-care spa, every 30 minutes of physical therapy is equivalent to 1 complete relaxation, 2 hours of yoga exercise, 3 professional facial treatments, 10 km jogging, 50 minutes of lymphatic drainage, and 3,600 cell exercises.
  • Centuries-old solid wood; natural wood fragrance; delicate texture; insect-proof and moisture-proof; high temperature resistance; corrosion resistance; not easy to get out of shape; environmentally friendly.
  • Convenient assembly; five-layer heat preservation; explosion-proof and dry-proof; far infrared; temperature adjustable; compact and portable.


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