8 FT Width 2 FT Deep Top Ring Swimming Pool Inflatable Full Size Lounge Pool 96 x 96 x 24 inches Above Ground Blow up Pool Portable Easy Set for Garden Backyard Indoor and Outdoor


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Brand: Sumbee

Color: Blue


  • 【Large inflatable family pool】 Round above ground swimming pool with large water capacity (8 ft X 25)can accommodate a family, to beat the heat in hot summer and enjoy fun family time in the backyard. It is a great choice for summer fun with your family.
  • 【Safe and Reliable materials】PVC mesh portable swimming pool with kinds of quality test, thickened and wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, explosion-proof and sun-resistant, environmentally friendly material to take care of your health. Start swimming time anywhere and anytime.
  • 【Quick to install and store】The splashing swimming pool is easy to set up. It only takes a few minutes to inflate by electric or manual air pump and compatibles with most electric pumps (pump NOT included). The entire operation is fast, efficient and easy to store.
  • 【Strong and Stable Structure】The reinforced quality material makes the family pool durable and stable for long-lasting enjoyment. The tri-layer Pool Liner is designed to offer the highest mix of strength and durability, without requiring extra set up of a traditional metal frame pool, reducing the risk of punctures for long life.
  • 【Multifunctional Inflatable Pool】The thickened easy set pools can be used not only as a pool, but also as a family leisure pool, ball pool, sand pit, fishing pool. It is an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor entertainment. Enjoy the swimming party with your family and friends.
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