304 Stainless Hydraulic Heating Recovery Pool Heater Salt Pond Heat Exchanger




  • Product Description: ★the Pool Heat Exchanger Is Made of High-grade Anti-corrosion Stainless Steel, Which Has the Characteristics of Anti-rust and Salt Water Resistance, so It Is Very Durable and Very Suitable for Chlorine or Salt Pools and Spas. 2 Inch Fpt Is Used for Swimming Pool Water, and 1 Inch Fpt Is Used for Hot Water.
  • ★the Salt Pond Heat Exchanger Adopts an Innovative In-line Design to Ensure a Continuous Constant Temperature and Indirectly Transfer Heat Between Any Hot Water Circuit, Steam Circuit and Any Swimming Pool or Spa Facility.
  • ★the Shell-and-tube Heat Exchanger Is Based on the 60°C (140°F) Temperature Difference Between the Inlet and Hot Water, and Can Provide a Fresh Pond of 400 Kbtu/Hr. It Gets Hot Immediately Without Waiting.
  • ★This Kind of Heat Exchanger Is a Very Safe, Reliable, Efficient and Cost-effective Way to Heat Swimming Pools or Spas Through Any Hydraulic System. ★the Heat Recovery Pool Heater Is Very Suitable for Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs, Solar, Hydraulic Heating, Oil Cooling, Heat Recovery, Snow Melting, Etc.
  • Features: Material: 304 Stainless Steel Output: 400 Kbtu / Hr Heat Transfer Area: 11.8 Square Feet Hot Water Flow Rate: 50 L/Min Cold Water Flow: 360 L/Min Side of Hot Water Pipe: 1″ Fpt Port on the Same Side: 2 Inch Fpt Packing Size: 110*19*19cm Weight: 10.5kg Package Includes 1 X Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger 2 X Fixed Bracket


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