1200k BTU Titanium Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger for Saltwater Pools/Spas os


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  • Typical residential application: – Swimming pools, spas heating – Hot tube heating – Floor heating – Driveway snowmelts, Typical industrial application: – Oil cooling or heating – Steam condenser – District heating – Transmission and engine cooler – Boiler sample cooler – Waste water heat recovery – Industry process applications Brand: Undisclosed
  • 1,200,000 BTU Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger for Saltwater Pools / Spas * GPM Boiler Side – 30.19 * GPM Pool Side – 224.06 * Boiler Ports – 2″ NPT * Pool Ports – 2 1/2″ NPT *Port to Port-25 13/16″ * Diameter – 5 1/8″
  • * Length – 34 13/16″ * Number of Tubes – 84 * PSI Drop Hot – 2.21 * PSI Drop Cold – 4.05 * Working Pressure – 80 PSI * BTU rated with 180F Boiler and 80F Pool This unit is suitable for pools/spas that are 105,600 gallons.
  • These heat exchangers are constructed with a Titanium shell and Titanium corrugated inner tubes to ensure high velocities inside the unit. This is a very reliable, efficient and cost effective way to transfer heat indirectly between any boiler circuit and any pool or spa circuit.
  • The units are designed for both horizontal and vertical mounting. Port sizes: (to/from Boiler) 2″ – (to/from Pool) 2 1/2″. It is recommended to always install the unit with the mounting bracket (mounting brackets included with each unit) fixed to a wall, and/or ceiling or floor to prevent water hammer or vibrations which could damage the unit.


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