Essential Hot Tubs Calypso-100 Review

Essential Hot Tubs Calypso 100-Jet Review

Are you thinking about upgrading your lifestyle in 2020? Hot tubs are loads of fun. Invite your friends around for a hot tub party, entertain the family, or enjoy a leisurely soak with your partner. Bringing a hot tub into your home isn’t as expensive as you think. In this review, we’ll look at the Calypso-100 from Esential Hot Tubs. We’ll unpack everything you need to know about this hot tub and give you the relevant information to make an informed purchase decision. Best of all, Essential Hot Tubs are manufactured in the USA.

Featuring 100 stainless steel jets, seating for up to 7 people, a 4KW stainless steel Balboa heater, underwater LED lights, acrylic grey and espresso colors.

Calypso 7 Person Hot Tub Pros and Cons

The Essential Hot Tub Calypso-100 has numerous outstanding features that are not typically found at this price point. It is currently one of the best large 7 person hot tubs for the money. Combined with the already high quality build and amazing price point, the hot tub includes an ozone natural purifier and a Balboa heater. Both are high quality items that present an outstanding value proposition. In addition to the 100 jets they are powered by two pumps and a blower for multiple setup possibilities. Overall the construction and design can’t be beat for an affordable 7 person hot tub.


  • Large size and 100 soothing hydrotherapy jets.
  • Ozonator significantly reduces the need for chemical use. This will benefit people with a sensitivity to chlorine.
  • Cost of running the hot tub is reasonable despite the two pumps and blower.
  • Heater has ample power for the volume of water.


  • Controller can be complicated to run all the functions.
  • Access to the panel could also be improved.
  • 240V/60A direct power supply installation required.

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Essential Hot Tubs Calypso 100-Jet Hot Tub

The 1960s were the pioneering decade for consumer hot tubs. The introduction of affordable hot tubs for the home led to an explosion in demand that continued over the following decades. Owning a hot tub in decades past was an exclusive luxury that was out of the reach of many American’s budgets.


However, innovations in hot tub design and manufacturing techniques dropped the cost of hot tub ownership considerably. The ensuing decades have seen ever more affordable products with state-of-the-art materials and quality. Today’s acrylic-shell models have lightweight and durable construction combined with affordable, modern materials.

Essential Hot Tubs manufactures a variety of hot tub models, but the Calypso model is one of the largest offerings from the brand. In this review, we’ll look at the details.

Calypso Hot Tub – The Ultimate Family or Party Hot Tub

The Calypso suits families that want to enjoy a soak in a hot tub. This 7-seater model has ample space for the largest families, with numerous seating arrangements. The Calypso is one of the flagship spas on offer from Essential Hot Tubs.

The Calypso also suits people who like to entertain. If you’re having a dinner party or get-together with your friends, then a hot tub adds a new dynamic to your entertainment. With the Calypso, you get a professional-level spa for an affordable price.

The water volume is an incredible 480 gallons so you get a hot tub that accommodates many users but it’s not exactly the ideal choice for couples or people that own apartments. You’ll need some floor space for your Calypso, and most people find that they end up installing it on a patio outside, a conservatory, or in an entertainment room in the house.

The Calypso is remarkably energy-efficient considering its size, the powerful motors, and the robust heating system in this model. Maintenance is also minimal, and you get excellent customer service from the toll free number listed in the instruction manual. 

The Calypso is remarkably energy-efficient considering its size, the powerful motors, and the robust heating system in this model.

If you want a hot tub, and you’re working on a budget, Essential Hot Tubs have some of the most affordable models available. The Calypso is excellent value for money and offers a great manufacturer’s warranty as well.

If you don’t have the time or money to visit the health spa regularly, then consider investing in a hot tub for your home. The Calypso is an excellent choice for a family hot tub at a fantastic price point.

Essential Hot Tub Calypso 100-Jet Review

In this section, we’ll unpack the technical specifications and features of the Essential Hot Tubs Calypso.

Key Features and Technical Specifications

  • 3 x high-performance water pumps with a 15-bhp total
  • Ozone generator
  • Matching footsteps
  • Weather-proof locking cover included
  • Hot Tub Weight – 700-lbs

The Calypso Experience

The Calypso is one of the largest models available from Essential Hot Tubs. With a capacity of 480-gallons, this hot tub features 7-seats, three powerful motors to run the 100 hydrotherapy jets, and an efficient heater that keeps your water warm.


We like that Essential Hot Tubs focused on making this spa for entertainers. The Bluetooth stereo system and LED lighting make it the life of any party, and a visual spectacular for your home entertainment area.

The Calypso features an acrylic shell that’s durable and long-lasting, ensuring a long service life for the hot tub. It’s resistant to cracking and can hold the weight of 7-people without any issues. The elegant cabinet provides a classic finish to the tub, with a modern edge that suits any style of home.

Invite your friends, invite your family, and step into the Calypso for the ultimate hot tub experience.


Party size hot tubs also come with a large footprint. The Calypso will take up some space wherever you put it. The outer dimensions come in at 91” length x 91” width x 40” height. Careful planning will be required to setup a proper platform that can support the weight when filled with water.

Measurements: 91” length x 91” width x 40” height


The Calypso has one of the highest holding capacities in the Essential Hot Tubs range. The 7-seater tub caters for the largest families, and it’s an excellent choice for outdoor or indoor entertainment in any climate.

Calypso Hot Tub Top View 100 jets

With the Calypso, you get seating for up to 7-people. The tub includes three “Captain’s chairs,” complete with pillow headrests for a luxury hot tub experience. The Captain’s chairs are wide and comfortable, with ergonomic support for your back and hips.

The tub includes three “Captain’s chairs,” complete with pillow headrests for a luxury hot tub experience. 

You also get a lounger with the Calypso, which is excellent for couples that want to soak together in the tub. There’s plenty of room for everyone in this hot tub.


With the Calypso, you get a cabinet featuring a custom design. The cabinet houses the stainless steel Balboa heater, along with the pumps, control unit, and acts as storage for the weather-proof insulated cover.

You also get built-in steps for walk-in convenience in the cabinet, allowing you easy access to the hot tub. The cabinet features a synthetic-wood finish that looks like genuine material but requires minimal maintenance, and it won’t deteriorate over time. 

The cabinet exterior is offered in two colorways. Choose between espresso or grey color to match your environment. 


The Hot Tub Essentials Calypso comes with 100 hydrotherapy massage jets. That’s the most amount of jets in any model on offer from Essential Hot Tubs. The two-tone, adjustable, stainless steel jets allow you to customize the operation of the spa.

  • 100 stainless steel two-tone hydrotherapy jets

Choose a soothing soak or a full-body hydrotherapy massage. The Calypso comes equipped with the following jets.

  • 56 Back Jets
  • 14 Neck and Shoulder Jets
  • 8 Hip Jets
  • 16 Leg Jets
  • 6 Foot Jets

Ozone Generator

The Calypso also features an ozone generator that re-mediates the water. Ozone collects and neutralizes harmful bacteria and particles in your hot tub, allowing your filter to remove them from the water. Common oils like suntan lotion will be oxidized and will break down to keep the water clean.

This technology improves the water quality, but you’ll still need to treat the water and sterilize the tub from time to time.


The Calypso gets its powerful hydrotherapy action from three high-performance pumps. It features one 5-bhp, 2-speed motor, and two 5-bhp, 1-speed motors. The jets will not be under-powered with this combination. 


The Calypso also features an efficient and powerful Balboa 4KW water heater. The heater has enough power to ensure the water in the tub remains at a consistent temperature, even with external temperature fluctuations.

The heater has enough power to ensure the water in the hot tub remains at a consistent temperature, even with external temperature fluctuations.

The Calypso also features foam sheeting and foam spray insulation, locking the heat into the water in your hot tub. Most user reviews on Amazon state that customers don’t notice a significant spike in their energy consumption when using the Calypso, thanks to its efficient insulation.

Control Panel and LED Lighting

With the Calypso, you get total control over the hot tub from the digital command center featuring a back-lit display. Control your hot tub functions without the need to get out of the tub.

  • LED control unit
  • LED cup holders
  • LED enhanced water feature
  • LED accents on the perimeter

The LED lighting around the control panel also follows through to the 4-cup holders, and the water cascade. The cabinet also features LED lighting accents for an eye-pleasing effect.


Enjoy listening to your favorite artists while you lounge out in your Calypso. The hot tub features a Bluetooth stereo system, complete with dual speakers and a subwoofer.

  • Bluetooth stereo with dual speakers and a subwoofer

Electrical Requirements

The Calypso requires fitment and installation to a 240V/60A electrical outlet. However, you’ll need to have a professional install the tub for you to ensure proper fitment and the preservation of your warranty.

Essential Hot Tubs also provide a plug-and-play electrical extension, with a GFCI cord that runs on a 120V circuit. However, we recommend that you fit the permanent connection for best results.

Essential Hot Tubs Warranty Information

The Hot Tub Essentials Calypso offers you the following manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Spa Cabinet: 5-years
  • Acrylic Spa Shell: 5-years
  • Plumbing and Equipment: 2-years parts, 1-year on labor
  • Ozonator: 1-year parts and labor
  • LED Lighting: 1-year parts and labor

You’ll need to hire an electrical contractor to fit your Calypso if you want the warranty to remain valid.

Essential Hot Tubs Customer Service

Keep in mind that the hot tub is delivered “curb side” by a tractor trailer. It may be necessary to have a secondary contractor to help move it to the final location as the weight and size is quite substantial. Note that the lead time for delivery can be several weeks and it seems to be typically 3-4 weeks depending on the exact model and delivery location.

When reviewing customer testimonials on Amazon, feedback from verified purchases shows a high level of customer satisfaction with the hot tub. Customer service handles most requests timelessly and effectively, with no hassles. In some cases it is more efficient to work through Amazon for resolving issues. 

Keep in mind that this is a direct order item and is not featured in stores. This is the reason it is such a great value. The direct to consumer business model significantly reduces costs and these costs are passed on to the consumer. It is advised to contact customer service with any issues or in the unlikely event of a warranty claim. The toll free number is listed in the service manual.

Calypso-100 Review Final Verdict

The Essential Hot Tubs Calypso is the ideal model for families or people that are looking to entertain guests in the tub. The 100 hydrotherapy jets are powerful, providing a surreal massage experience. With an insulated cabinet, acrylic body, and a powerful industry leading Balboa heater, you’ll never have fluctuations in water temperature, even with outdoor use in the wintertime.

Overall, the Calypso is one of the best premium models available, and it comes with an affordable price tag.

Featuring 100 stainless steel jets, seating for up to 7 people, a 4KW stainless steel Balboa heater, underwater LED lights, acrylic grey and espresso colors.


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Featuring 100 stainless steel jets, seating for up to 7 people, a 4KW stainless steel Balboa heater, underwater LED lights, cabinet grey and espresso colors.

Essential Hot Tub

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